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Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile

Chartered 25 February 1987 - Web site launched 9 June 1997

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The liveliest & friendliest Rotary Club in Hong Kong
(OK, so we're a little crazy too but, hey, it gets pretty hot & humid in these parts !!)

(If you don't have a sense of humour, you better try this before proceeding)

We meet at 12:30 p.m.
(Big hand on Mickey, little hand on Donald)
every Wednesday
(except public holidays)
at the

Holiday Inn Golden Mile,
50 Nathan Road (corner Mody Road),
Tsimshatsui, Kowloon,
Hong Kong.

Want to try telling the taxi driver the address in Cantonese ?? Just say:
"Chim Sar Choy, Gum Wick Gar Yat Jow Dim"

(The driver should stop laughing in about 5 minutes, after which he will probably drive
you to Mongolia. While you're there, we highly recommend the Yak gumbo!)

(Click on the speaker Audio File: Proper Cantonese pronunciation. to hear how it's supposed to sound!)

So, you never ask for directions, huh ? OK, tough guy, here's a map !

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~~ The Cast of Characters ~~

President: Sunny Dass (Audio)
Vice-President: Mabel Wong (Audio)
Secretary: Robin Roberts (Audio)
Treasurer: Xavier Schreiber (Audio)
President-Elect: Dave Andrews (Audio)

Other Club Directors:  Yatish Aron,  Hans Brasseler,
PP Carola Chard, Gautam Daswani, PP Raju Daswani, Brian Hodgson,
Norman Liu, Andy Mahtani,
Jacqueline Muller, Priya Narang, Sonia Samtani,
IPP Mazhar Sultana, David van Meerendonk, Maki Wan.

See a list of Club Directors by position for 2015/2016!

(See a photo and a video taken at a typical Bored, er sorry, Board meeting, or see
a photo of our beloved President, taken during her early years !)

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Sergeant-At-Arms (and Director): 
 Kevin Rosich           (Audio)

(See photos of our Sergeant with his assistants in action, as babies and today,
or see some of the punishment subjected upon our members!)

Other Members:
Terrence Annamunthodo, Ashok Assomull, Alfonso Ballesteros,
Romu Bellani,  Balu Chainrai, Seenny Chan, Geoffrey Cheng, Diana Chou,
Michael Christensen, PP Elissa Cohen, Lorenzo Della Croce, Tina Della Croce,
Jean-Francois Destexhe, Pico Dialdas, PDG David Harilela, Miranda Kong,
Daniel Krayl, PP Joseph Kwan, PP Nanu Lachman, Rani Lakhani,
PP Cassidy Lam, Jackson Lam, PP Vincent Lam,
Susie Misini,
PP Thomas Mo, Jagdish Pursram, PP M.V. Ramadasan,
Kumar Ramanathan, Benny Ratnani, Ashok Sandarangani, PDG Dipo Sani,
Aaron Shea, Jane Singer, Kenneth So, Mark Staudenmann, PP Neerja Sujanani,
Christiane TanNotan Tolani, Chris Tong, PP C.K. Tsang, PP Ebe Tung,
Olaf Vogee, Alice Wong, Tim Wong, Diana Yeung, PP Silva Yeung.

Current Active Membership: 66

Prospective Members: Positions Vacant!

Honorary Members: Sir David Akers-Jones, CP Chandru Parmanand,
PP Louis Thomas.

Club Advisor: PP Larry Parmanand (Rotary Club of Kowloon)  (Audio)

Club Shrinks: Dr. Ruth, Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Dr. Strangelove.

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~~ Past Presidents ~~
(a.k.a. "The Rogues Gallery" !)

Charter President
Chandru Parmanand

1988/89 Robin Ching 1989/90 Emmanuel Samuel 1990/91 Dipo Sani
1991/92 Hans Schult (RIP) 1992/93 Louis Thomas 1993/94 Vince Pinto
1994/95 C.K.Tsang 1995/96 Irene O'Shea 1996/97 Joseph Kwan
1997/98 Bryan Van Dale 1998/99 Raju Daswani 1999/00 M.V. Ramadasan
2000/01 Cassidy Lam 2001/02 Ebe Tung 2002/03 Nanu Lachman
2003/04 Patricia Blair 2004/05 Silva Yeung 2005/06 Elissa Cohen
2006/07 David Harilela 2007/08 Carola Chard 2008/09 Vincent Lam
2009/10 John Hirsch 2010/11 Neerja Sujanani 2011/12 Thomas Mo
2012/13 Jochen Krug 2013/14 Edwin Poon (RIP) 2014/15 Mazhar Sultana

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~~ Our Meetings ~~

(Remember we meet 12:30 p.m. Wednesdays at the Holiday Inn Golden Mile)

We conduct our meetings in English (with Indian characteristics!), but
our members speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Banana, Indian (Hindi, Sindhi & Apache),
German, French, Spanish, Danish, Australian, Klingon, Um-Foo-Foo and Swahili.

(OK, so we lied about the Swahili!)

Our club has a balanced percentage of Chinese, Indian and Western members, and
we are extremely proud that about 30% of our membership are ladies.

(We had to say that, OK? Anyway, somebody has to keep the guys in line !!)

The "Westerners" include some Australians, Englishmen, Scotsmen and Canadians,
but, since we are such tolerant people, we even allowed some Germans, Americans,
an Irishman and other people with terrible dress sense and silly dances to join,
but we accept absolutely no responsibility for their unruly behaviour !

By the way, the average age of our members is 50, but if we don't count PP Louis, it's only 35 !

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Lunch is only HK$350 (US$45) per person (cash, major credit cards, baseball cards and
food stamps accepted), for a 3 course meal (regular, vegetarian or intravenous menu).

This low price includes one standard drink (beer, wine, popular spirits, soft drinks,
Mad Dog 20/20, rocket fuel, castor oil and something which looks remarkably
like grandma's hooch, but without those endearing lumpy bits).

Great guest speakers every week (OK, OK, not counting those rare times when we
let PP Louis Thomas tell corny jokes, which nobody ever understands!).

We meet right in the heart of the Golden Mile shopping area, directly above
Tsimshatsui MTR station, and we have no enforced dress code !

So, what are you waiting for, huh??

Take some Prozac, then come on down!

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Warning sign Hong Kong Government Health Warning Warning sign

Making fun of Indian accents at our meetings is hazardous to your health.
(Our President moves quickly and he has a ballistic gavel. Be afraid. Be very afraid !)

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~~ Invitation ~~

Visiting Rotarians and their guests are most welcome to attend our meetings,
but don't say you haven't been warned. Bring a tin-foil hat, just in case!!

Hear comments from previous visitors to our club: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Ask for your free copy of the world's first, environmentally friendly, Rotary 'Preserve Planet Earth'
Banner Postcard which is also our virtual club banner. Send one from the KGM Post Office!

Although we certainly do not want to unduly influence your decision to visit
our club, especially the red-blooded males out there, we thought you
might like to take a peek at our Welcome Committee !!

(OK ladies, we didn't forget about you. There's something special for you too!)

Want to join KGM? Take our 6 part aptitude test (50% pass rate required): A | B | C | D | E | F |

If you pass our grueling test, why not complete our on-line Membership Information Form?

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~~ Our Club Motto ~~

"Let's really help the needy in our community but, hey, there's no reason
why we can't have a truck-load of fun while we're doing it!"

By the way, since our club is fairly small, we only have a 3-Way Test:

1) Is it cheap ?
2) Is it fun ?
3) Will anybody find out ?

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~~ What's On ~~

Next Speaker: Barbara Dalle Pezze
12:30 p.m. Wednesday 2 September 2015
Title: Behavioural Health, Conflict Resolution ....!

Coming Soon: US Consul-General
9 September 2015

Coming Soon: Boris Berges
16 September 2015


Next Fellowship: Indian Night
7:30pm Saturday 5 September 2015
Venue: Tamarind Restaurant, Wanchai


Next Major Event: Annual Fund-Raising Ball
Theme: TBA
6:30pm Saturday 19 March, 2016
Venue: Kowloon Shangri-La Hotel

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~~ Vox Populi ~~
(For the Latin impaired, this means "Voice of the People"!)

Questions, comments, insults or death threats about this web site?

E-mail our Webmaster PP Vince Pinto who will be happy to respond.
(After he takes his medication and the authorities release him!)

If you prefer, you can leave a voice message.

Kaboom page divider.

Our snail mail address: (for the dinosaurs out there without e-mail!)

The Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile,
P.O. Box 98129 Tsimshatsui,
Hong Kong.

(Um, but if they don't have internet access, how will they know ?? Duh !)

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~~ Inspiration ~~

"Work like you don't need the money, love like you've never been hurt
and dance like nobody's watching !"

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~~ Special Disclaimer ~~

1. No animals, trees, children or elderly folk were harmed in producing this web site.
(However four boisterous cats were temporarily sedated and paw-cuffed to each other !)

2. Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of Club Directors, Members
or anybody else from this solar system.

(The Webmaster is from the Planet Fubar!)

3. Any resemblance of images to actual persons living, dead or possibly just
comatose is entirely intentional !

Standard Disclaimer

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~~ Our Fearless Webmaster ~~
(We call him Web Monster behind his back, but don't tell him, OK ?)

Do you feel lucky, punk ? Well, do ya ?? Click on the image to hear the Webmaster speak.

(Click on the image for a sound bite!)

Please don't mess with the Webmaster, 'coz he knows Kung-Fu and seven more Chinese words!

Hear comments about our Webmaster: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

(Read the Webmaster's Philosophy)   (See an important warning from the FBI!)

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~~ Our Webmaster Has Annoyed ~~


Visitors since 9 June 1997

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~~ Stuff Nobody Reads ~~

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(1997-2015 for the Roman numeral impaired.)

This web site lovingly written, produced and maintained by:

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